Founded by food anthropologist, Wendy Leicht, Evolve.ag seeks to teach people about where their food comes from by researching and evangelizing new technologies in food.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a food ecosystem that is more equitable, local, healthy and less harmful.

The time is now TO EVOLVE.
What we do
Evolve.ag has created dialogue around new food technologies and trends via our blog, newsletter and online communities.

We're always happy to participate in, brainstorm and inspire in-person events.
Evangelizing new technologies is our forte. And we love collaborating with others in the industry.

Reach out to us if you're looking for education about new food technologies and trends.
We have a multidisciplinary background in research both in and out of the food industry. We're curious about food all over the planet.

Tell us about your research needs and we'll let you know how we can help.

Meet Wendy
Industry insights
Holistically studied and participated in the food industry for the past 10+ years.
Learning experience design
Built video and text-based online learning resources and a learning management platform from the ground up for Google.
Multidisciplinary research
Conducted quantitative and qualitative ethnographic research to better understand relationships between culture, food and health.
Content production
Developed videos, online micro-learning, and marketing campaigns for YouTube.